A honlap a Métisz keretein belül készült | Kapcsolat

Vol. 2. (2017). No. 3.

Menedzsmenttudományok / Management Sciences

Al-Daaya Y.
Corporate Social Responsibility Scenario in Jordan: Transformation Context

Yousuf A.
Transaction Costs: A Conceptual Framework

Szendrei J.
Kocsi B.
Budai I.
Grasselli G.
Szűcs E.
Role of Lean and Agile Supply Chain Models for Pellet Fuel Technologies

Pusztai L.
Kocsi B.
Budai I.
Business process development with the application of simulation technique

Polster Cs.
Generational transfer among family businesses on the fields of reputation and organizational culture – research plan

Lázár T.
Some Sources of Misunderstandings in Intercultural Business Communication

Kwame Sekyi A.
The Impact of Gas Flaring On Man and His Environment and the Way Out

Horváth D. D.
CSR Reporting Practices of Hungarian Banks

Gál T.
Soós M.
Szakály Z.
Applying new innovative market research methods in the innovation process of new products

Garavito D.
Kocsis I.
Classification of economic activities in Colombia according to workplace accident and disease rates using a data clustering algorithm

Buics L.
The role of logistics management in public services – research plan

Batchimeg B.
Financial performance measurement with the use of financial ratios: case of Mongolian companies

Bányai G.
Bíró K.
Challenges and benefits of working in teams – Interpersonal interactions in health care

Zulfiqar S.
Islam A.
Exploring the Role of Emotions and Moods in Decision Making: Study on the Use of Structured Decision Approach and Intuition